Nov 1, 2007

Change of plan

So that's how doing research can be a difficult process. Change number 1 concerns the question: what do I actually want to know? After a meeting with my professors yesterday, the plan of the thesis got changed a bit. Starting off with the Multinational Corporations seemed to be too specific to start with. Now, my question is a bit broader, and will be more focussed on the process of meaning-making in the films as well as with the audience, instead of the more economic-political context. The objective and questions have become the following:

To gain more knowledge about the way popular culture, specifically Indian film, constitutes meaning in the life world of Indian youth. This knowledge could be a basis for critique of current film policies, or give ideas for educational practices.

Research question: How do Indian youth incorporate values that are being promoted by current Hindi movies?

  1. Which values are being promoted by current Hindi movies?
  2. How do Indian youth incorporate these values?
We also changed my extremely strict, (dutch?) time planning. Now my plan is to finish in August, and not in March. It would be a waste of quality (and fun!) to rush through this. Good research takes time and flexibility. More changes will come soon, most probably.

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