Oct 23, 2007

Research question

Today, my research design got approved. It will consist of two parts. I will answer the first question with literature research, and the second one with interviewing young movie-watchers! How I look forward to sitting in a tea or coffee bar with a recorder and talk about movies, with the sound of honking autos, and the smell of incense or.. something else..
Here's the idea:

To gain more knowledge about the way international markets are involved in the creation of the youth’s life world through popular culture. This knowledge could be a basis for critique of current policies, or give ideas for educational practices.

Research question
In what way do multinational corporations influence the contents that Indian youth withdraw from current Hindi films?

  1. In what way are multinational corporations involved in producing the contents of the current Hindi film?
  2. How do Indian youth incorporate these contents?
I'll keep you posted on the proceedings.

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