Feb 5, 2010

Lecture on Rang de Basanti

Well well well.. Everyone knows Bollywood these days! But more than that, I think it is increasingly taken more seriously. People seem to become aware that Indian cinema has more to offer than masala.

And lo behold! What do you know...
I have been asked by a group of young alternative thinkers and artists to come and speak on Rang de Basanti on the 13th of feb in an art gallery in Amsterdam. The evening will begin with me talking on how movies might lead to political activism amongst youth, and after that we will watch RdB, which perfectly illustrates the theme ofcourse.

And to make things better than ever, Kriti and I are gonna spin the wheels of steel, and make people dance to the latest Bollywood tracks! How i'm looking forward to that night...

Who knows.. one day we might even make a living off this hobby ;-)

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