Apr 6, 2009

Movies in movies

Here's what i meant in the previous post. A song from the superhit Dil Chahta Hai, where you see a couple imagining themselves onscreen (don't we all do that?), and going through the different Hindi-film styles (50's, 70's, 90's). Through going to the movies together, they realize they are in love. A landmark movie that according to many youth set a trend. A trend towards movies that were more about friendship than about all the love-parents-tradition crap of the 90s bollywood.


OJAS said...

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Puja said...

Hey Markus,

All my life, I have seen Hindi movies as means of entertainment and timepass. Off-late, some of the serious/off-beat movies have been thought provoking. But, somehow, your blogs have a different insight about mainstream hindi movies!! I saw Billu Barber and knew the song from Dil Chahta Hain but never linked them and or thought of how hindi movies seem to be so obsessed about themselves that they keep showing movies inside movies.. or aspects about it.