Jul 1, 2008


While the Indian film industry likes to claim that they are ready to go global; other sides of the planet mainly like to find bollywood an interesting cultural phenomenon to make things funnier than they already are. Spice it up Indian style. Here's one of them (again).


LogTurner said...

Hi Mark,

You appear to have studied a good deal on Bollywood films from a Western perspective.

I'm just wondering if you know of any short films (10mins or less) which focus on a typically "Indian" view of spirituality.

I'm interested in accepting anything along these lines for our upcoming Campfire Film Festival.

See more here: www.campfire.org.au


Indu said...

Hi Mark,
So this is what you were doing while you were here. :)
This was really funny.
Indu & Tosh,

Fali said...


I just randomly found your blog and I've so far enjoyed reading it. :)

Okay here's a brief background about myself: I'm a 17 year-old
Indian living in Canada since about 8 years. As a kid, I loved bollywood movies, but not as much anymore.

I'm pretty impressed by your knowledge and how your analysis are in-depth.

Indians are way too immersed in bollywood though, it's a shame. While the average gossips on some star's sordid affairs after watching a cheesy film, so many things have happened in the world and he or she doesn't even know about them. Also, Bollywood has become such a wanna-be now. They try to use western catch phrases which sound down-right idiotic with an Indian accent.

And what's with ripping off hollywood these days? Have you seen Bheja Fry, Heyy babbyy or God, Tusi Great ho? They've completely ripped off Dinner des cons, Three men and a baby and Bruce Allmighty (respectively)! It's outrageous and embarrassing. I started watching God, Tusi great ho, but I couldn't finish it. The last bollywood film I watch and mildly enjoyed was Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na.

Okay, I think my comment's turning out to be quite lengthy so I'll cut right here.

Good luck with your thesis.