Dec 6, 2007

Long live the Youth!

Not long ago, with a lot of noise, the return of The Queen of Bollywood was announced. The 40-year old mother, Madhuri Dixit, would perform the leading role in a new film Aaja Nachle (Come Dance). The Queen of Bollywood is also the Queen of Dance, so the title was promising.
The movie turned out to be some kind of a flop. Bad reviews in papers and on weblogs and few visitors. This is Madhuri at her most successful, in the movie Tezaab (1988).

A lot of researchers on Indian film have noticed a change in the movies of the last decade or so. Starting with movies like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, the main protagonists of the movies were not mature and wise people anymore, but instead youngsters in college, mainly facing the 'problems' of romance. This could have something to do with a growing interest of big international brands trying to market their products through the movies. Good funding for the filmmakers, good marketing for Coca Cola and Reebok.
Is this the reason nobody wants to watch the dancing queen, who should actually be at home taking care of their children? See her dance and judge for yourself.

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